• Infrastructure facilities
  • Centrally air conditioned
  • Spacious:7500 sq.feet constructed area
  • Dedicated wings for OPD,Investigative labs and Operation theater
  • Seminar room with sitting capacity of 75 persons
  • Pleasant Ambiance
  • Lift
  • All basic amenities
  • Equipped with Fire Fighting Devices
  • Optical store and Pharmacy

Divyadrishti Eye Centre Pvt Ltd, Patna was founded by Dr.Subhash Prasad in Nov.2002 with the aim of providing comprehensive eye care services using the best in technology and skills. since its inception in 2002 it has always strived to offer the best to the ophthalmic patients and has been the frontrunner in delivering specialized eye care services for various disorders of the eye. The centre is equipped with state of the art equipments from USA, Germany and Japan. These are managed by a team of surgeons with special expertise in their own specialities. They provide best recommended evidence based surgical and medical treatment, even for the most complicated forms of diseases.

The centre has day care surgeries and also facilities for surgeries under general anaesthesia. Besides, providing a complete and comprehensive routine eye checkup and surgeries, this centre provide specialized services ranging from Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, Fluoresce in Angiography, OCT, Lasers, Ultrasonography, Topography. Besides delivering the regular eye-care services, the centre takes pride in providing advanced level of diagnostic and therapeutic services for cataract by Phacoemulsification under topical anaesthesia(without injection) through an incision as small as 2.2 mm, LASIK Laser for removing glasses, Vitreo-retina, Glaucoma, Squint, Oculopalsty and Pediatric Ophthalmology. In this centre,

we installed the latest generation phacoemulsifier with active fluidics technology,”Centurion visionsystem” .This was 1st installation of this machine in India. This machine further aids to the efficiency and safety to cataract surgery. In almost 100% cases it is a ‘no injection – no stitch – no pad’ surgery leading to very quick recovery and rehabilitation and is a walk in – walkout cataract surgery. Recently we installed ZEPTO cataract surgery for robotic precision of performing capsulotomy, which is a key step in phaco for better outcome.We are the first in the bihar to install world best machine for calculating the intraocular lens power,IOL Master 700.This machine measures the lens power very accurately & precisely for best outcome after cataract surgery. This Centre has the facility to correct refractive error(removing glass) since January,2010. Last year we installed the US FDA approved world’s fastest Excimer laser-Wavelight Ex500.

We are the first few eye centres in the country to have installed this machine. This machine is known for precision, accuracy, predictability and corrects refractive error in fraction of second before environmental factor can in any way effect the result. This laser is tissue friendly also, as it ablates minimal corneal tissue per diopter of eye power. Recently we acquired world’s first FDA USA approved topoguided lasik,CONTOURA for customised laser treatment. This corrects the surface irregularities of cornea apart from refractive error,which are responsible for higher order aberration.With this laser now it is possible to give more than 6/6 vision in some patients.We are the only centre in Bihar to have this technology.

At this centre we have been doing vitreo-retinal surgery for patients of retinal detachment,vitreous hemorrhage,RIOFB,Endophthalmitis.With the installation of high end vitrectomy machine,CONSTELLATION , we can treat almost all cases of vitreo-retinal diseases. One of the most notable addition is screening of premature babies and treatment of blinding disease , Retinopathy of Prematurity(ROP) in these unfortunate babies.

Divyadrishti Eye Centre is active in academics also and in training and imparting knowledge and skills to fellow Ophthalmologists and postgraduates by conducting CME and live surgeries.We have been conducting hands on course for PGs also.Consultants of Divydrishti actively participate in scientific presentations and contributions in state,zone ,national and international conferences. Many of them have won several awards for their presentations.

Besides these our centre has always been active in community services.Our centre has been conducting free comprehensive eye check,school screening and free surgery for poor and underprivileged patients.We run a trust also to take care of that.We also conduct patient education lectures,seminar,free screening,especially on World Glaucoma Week,World Diabetes Day and Doctors’day

World Class OT

Two State of art Operation Theaters, First Eye OT in Bihar & Jharkand, with laminar flow, AHU’s for two Operations Rooms. Jointless epoxy Flooring, painting and Doors.

Our Mission

Our mission is also to reach out to those poor people of the society by our charitable wing who are unable to afford ophthalmic treatments and surgical expenses and to serve them by organizing free camps in urban and rural areas.