Contoura Vision is the latest advancement in Specs Removal by Laser Vision Correction.
While procedures like Lasik and Smile only correct specs power, Contoura Vision goes one step further! In addition to correcting your specs power, Contoura Vision also corrects your corneal irregularities while working on Visual axis, thereby providing much sharper visual outcomes,*

Contoura Vision has been approved by US-FDA as the safest eye surgery available today.

Unmatched by Lasik & Smile.

Contoura Vision with the help of a Topolyser is able to map these irregularities using 22,000 unique data points then correct these irregularities, creating an optically perfect surface of the cornea giving you sharpness unmatched by any LASIK or SMILE procedure

Contoura vision treats in visual axis
Two kinds of axis exist in our eye
Pupillary Axis : A line passing through the centre of the eye
Visual Axis : A line passing through the line of sight in the eye
The difference in these axis is 5 degree

While laser procedures such as LASIK and SMILE treat on Pupillary Axis, Contoura Vision treatment is directed towards Visual Axis, providing you much sharper visual outcomes compared to LASIK and SMILE